Annual Report 2014

Vision, Role and Values

The Ocean Energy Systems Implementing Agreement (OES) is an intergovernmental collaboration between countries, to advance research, development and demonstration of technologies to harness energy from all forms of ocean renewable resources for electricity generation, as well as for other uses, such as desalination, through international co-operation and information exchange.

The OES covers all forms of energy generation, in which seawater forms the motive power, through its physical and chemical properties.


19805-world.jpg    Waves, derived from the transfer of the kinetic energy of the wind to the upper surface of the ocean;

Tidal Range (tidal rise and fall), derived from the gravitational forces of the Earth-Moon-Sun system;

Tidal Currents, water flow resulting from the filling and emptying of coastal regions as a result of the tidal rise and fall;

Ocean Currents, derived from wind-driven and thermohaline ocean circulation; 

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC), derived from temperature differences between solar energy stored as heat in upper ocean layers and colder seawater, generally below 1,000 m;

Salinity Gradients, derived from salinity differences between fresh and ocean water at river mouths.

The Strategic Plan (2012 – 2016) proposes a new International Vision for OES:

“As the authoritative international voice on ocean energy we collaborate internationally to accelerate the viability, uptake and acceptance of ocean energy systems in an environmentally acceptable manner.”

Using its unique position as an intergovernmental organisation, the OES role within the context of this vision is to:











INTEGRITY . Any information provided can be relied upon.

OUTCOME ORIENTED . We are driven by pragmatic solutions that enhance the global community.

KNOWLEDGEABLE . All information is based on fact and we ensure that we always have the most relevant and up-to-date researched facts available.

INSPIRATIONAL . Our performance and our members are committed to providing inspired and collaborative information to accelerate the implementation of environmentally friendly ocean energy systems globally.

COLLEGIAL (INCLUDING A COMMITMENT TO EACH OTHER) . we are committed to working professionally with each other in the pursuit of our goal.


TRUSTED INDEPENDENT SOURCE . where the information gained is trusted to be up-to-date, free of any commercial or other vested interests, relevant and practical such that reliance on it will enable forward momentum.

SUBSTANTIATED KNOWLEDGE . Where the information gained is supported by respected and well researched and documented fact rather that the opinion of the author/supplier.

INSPIRING . a relationship with OES will provides inspiring and supportive leadership in the global development of ocean energy systems throughout the total supply chain.

CARING FOR SOCIETY AND THE ENVIRONMENT . from every perspective the development of ocean energy systems is done in a manner that enhances the global community, protects the environment and provides a base from which improvement to society will emerge.

COLLABORATIVE SHARING . We will all succeed as a result of collaboration and sharing in all areas of the ocean energy supply chain. OES will live out this value in all that is does.