Annual Report 2014
Country Reports


José Luis Villate , TECNALIA This report has been prepared in collaboration with APPA-Marina, the ocean energy section of the Spanish Renewable Energy Association. APPA-Marina represents the voice of the Spanish ocean energy sector.



TECNALIA, the largest Spanish private research organisation, is leading the R&D activities on ocean energy in Spain, aiming at creating and developing business opportunities for different agents of the ocean energy supply chain. TECNALIA has been working on several R&D projects for 10 years covering areas such as modelling and analysis of floating structures and mooring systems; hydrodynamic characterisation; structural analysis and optimisation; electric transmission and grid connection solutions; power quality and grid code compliance; materials testing and failure analysis; corrosion monitoring; O&M strategies definition; installation, commissioning and decommissioning simulations; resource and environmental impact assessment. TECNALIA applies this knowledge using a coordinated, holistic approach, focusing on the deployment of cost effective marine energy farms throughout their life cycle.

Spain has two relevant test infrastructures for ocean energy devices:

  • The Cantabria Coastal and Ocean Basin (CCOB) was funded by the Spanish Government and the regional Government of Cantabria and is managed by IH Cantabria. Its primary mission is to provide scientific and technological knowledge, technology and services for the development of marine engineering (offshore and coastal) both in Spain and abroad. The conceptual design of CCOB is global, unique in the world in the field of maritime engineering, and structured through the integration of three systems: an experimental management system, a physical modelling system and a numerical modelling system. 
  • CEHIPAR is a public and independent, internationally recognized hydrodynamic centre for model tests, projects and research. It is a service and consulting company for customers from the administration and the industry such as shipyards, engineering offices, manufacturers, ship-owners, research centres, as well as from sports associations, and individuals.